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CBD Oil In Alaska- Current Laws and Regulations

CBD Oil Alaska

CBD laws can be complicated, and many residents in Alaska are wondering: is CBD oil in Alaska legal? Read on to learn more about the laws and regulations around hemp and CBD. Are you an Alaska resident curious about the laws and regulations surrounding hemp-derived CBD in your state? Here is everything you need to

Buying CBD Oil In Alabama- State Laws and Regulations

Alabama CBD Oil Laws

The popularity of CBD has exploded over recent years, and many residents of Alabama are wondering: is CBD oil legal in Alabama? Read on to learn more about CBD laws in the state. Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama? Your Questions Answered CBD laws are tricky, and many US residents are left wondering if they

Guide To Federal and State CBD Laws Across The US- 2020 CBD Oil Laws

CBD Oil Laws USA

CBD has caused a lot of commotion over the past few years – as well as a lot of confusion. The laws surrounding hemp-derived CBD products aren’t always clear, and it can be tricky to discern what is accurate between federal and state level regulations. Many have assumed that CBD products are legal in all

How CBD Gum Is Helping Golfers Improve Their Game

CBD Gum For Golf

It’s no secret that cannabidiol (CBD) has become something of a trend among athletes, and golfers are no exception. Ever since the hemp-derived substance was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances in early 2018, professional athletes – golfers included – have been experimenting with CBD for its numerous benefits. But what

The Best CBD for the Elderly and What to Know About Taking it

cbd for elderly

As legal freedoms regarding CBD have become more widespread, more people are turning to it for their ailments. With evidence backing its potency as an anti-inflammatory aid, it may be no surprise that CBD could be beneficial for those in their golden years. Senior citizens who experience ailments like chronic pain and sleep deprivation have

Does Turmeric Help CBD Combat Pain?

Turmeric for pain

Those who experience acute, chronic pain understand the importance of a reliable pain relief treatment. Whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, or osteoarthritis, inflammatory diseases are among the most common diseases in the United States. Traditionally, Americans have turned to NSAIDs and prescription medications, but due to the list of long-term use side-effects, many

Benefits of CBD for RLS – CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome

cbd and restless leg syndrome

If you suffer from restless leg syndrome, you’re likely all-too-aware of the unpleasant symptoms: tingling, burning sensations running along your legs when trying to get a good night’s sleep, coupled with the jolting urges to move your legs. Restless leg syndrome is the last thing anyone wants when they’re trying to rest, and it’s more

The Complete Guide to Using CBD for Workout Recovery

cbd for workout recovery

It seems like CBD is everywhere you look these days, and the world of fitness is no exception. The hemp-derived compound has made its way into just about every type of product, including muscle salves and protein powders. So what’s the deal with CBD? Does it really help, and what’s the best CBD to use

How Using Turmeric for Inflammation Can Strengthen Your CBD Regimen

turmeric for inflammation pain

Turmeric is one of the most widely-known herbs used in Indian cooking, though it’s equally famous in ayurvedic medicine and herbal remedies. As a medicinal herb, turmeric has been known for its application in common ailments, but there’s an especially compelling amount of research when it comes to the way people can use turmeric for